About Us

About Elia Mediterranean Restaurant

Elia Mediterranean brings a unique dining experience to the heart of East Rutherford from the heart of Greece. Our focus is to make authentic, delicious dishes that will transport you to the shores of the Mediterranean. We use simple ingredients and put twists on traditional recipes to create a special culinary experience. Elia runs on the culinary intuition and creative genius of executive chef Jose Luis Falcon who makes every dish with an exclusive devotion to Mediterannean cuisine.

Our open kitchen with its stunning fish display and our bright white walls are a call back to the place the family calls home. We prepare our lavraki, fagri, and more just like our ancestors did. In addition to our splendid meals and food options, we have a full-service bar serving our signature cocktails from master bartenders.

Dress Code

No Baseball Caps 

No Sports Apparel

No Flip-Flops 

No Tank Tops 

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Reservations are 90 minutes for a party of two and 2 hours for a party of 4 or more. Also, reservation notes are not guaranteed. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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